Great Northern Fur would like to thank you for considering us for your fur dressing needs. Our focus on maintaining strong relationships with our clients, matched with a premiere product and great customer service, has allowed us to become the fur dressers we are today. We offer fur dressing for manufacturers, wholesale dealers, retail customers and the trapping community. Great Northern’s philosophy is simple, maintain strong relationships with our clients backed by a premiere product.

* Due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control, we have been forced to shut down our fur dressing production. We aren’t shutting the doors, but we can’t process furs at this time. We are now working with Tubari, and they will be dressing your skins. We understand your need to have your skins dressed in a professional manner resulting in a top quality product. Tubari holds themselves up to the same quality expectations as GNF and even a cut above in many areas. We feel confident that you will be very pleased with your furs.
With that being said, most customers have chosen to have us deliver to Tubari what we have in inventory, so what we would like to know from existing customers is if that is the route you would like to go as well? The pricing will remain the same as promised to you by GNF for current items with us. Please contact the GNF main office if this is what you would like done or provide us with direction as to what you would like done with your skins. You can also replay by email.
Many customers have multiple species on their orders already completed, so those items will be shipped to you. The remaining items will proceed as mentioned above.
Thank you in advance and we appreciate your understanding in this matter and stay committed to our word of fulfilling your order and finishing the process that you started with GNF. We look forward to working with all our customers in some capacity as we sort our way through all of this and find a new direction for GNF.
Please note that due to the circumstances, we receive a high volume of calls and emails throughout the day. Your call/email is very important to us so please be patient as we get through this.

Thank You

Great Northern Fur, LLC