About Us

Great Northern Fur employees understand that we play an important roll as the first step of many in helping each fur take on a new life. There are many steps involved between the time furs come in and before they go out. Through each step, our team works together to ensure that there are no short cuts taken ensuring a quality product. At Great Northern, we respect each piece that comes to us whether it’s thousands of pieces from auction, or a single clients one piece for the wall. GNF takes great pride in the work we do to create a beautiful, usable and quality product.

Fur dressing is an industry built on passion and hard work. The processes involved haven’t changed that much over the years. We look to the past to see what has worked and incorporate time tested techniques into our processing. We are continually looking ahead, working and building on new products and formulas to make a great product even better. As an active member of The American Leather Chemists Association, working closely with fur industry technicians both here in the states and abroad and through great suppliers, we feel that our product is second to none. Our dedication to our customers and our understanding of the processes involved, makes us a highly respected fur dressing company.

We hope you find a service that fits your needs and look forward to hearing from you!

* A note to taxidermists; we are Fur Dressers not a taxidermist tannery. We cater to the fur industry not the taxidermist community. We will certainly take in your items but before sending, please contact the main office to discuss your needs. Thank you.

Thank you,

David Karon
The Staff at GNF