Preparation & Handling

The quality of the final product begins with you. Certain steps must be taken in order for both the skin to become a usable leather and the fur to become as beautiful as it can be. Some of these steps begin with you and others once it reaches us. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper field care and handling once skinned. If you have any questions at all please call us and we will be more than happy to help you.

If hair slipping is noticed prior to shipping and you still would like us to dress it, please let us know. Saying nothing and sending it does not make it go away! We can and will work with you to try to make certain items turn out but it is your responsibility to inform us of any and all issues you may be having.

Salting or Drying

*This is a very important step and great care should be taken to insure a product quality. The chance of fur slippage can be reduced ONLY IF YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR PRODUCT.

You can either send in trapper dried (Put-up) furs or salted. Below are steps for both

  1. CLEAN AND GROOM YOUR FURs! Burs only get worse.
  2. Decide whether you are going to salt or freeze your product. DO NOT DO BOTH!
  3. Completely turn ears, eyes, nose and lips. Split tails.
  4. Take all bones out of feet (if sending paws intact) and either remove pad or cut to the side.
  5. Remove all excess red meat and fat using a draw knife on a beam or what you normally use. Pay close attention to thin spots, scars and point of entry from method of dispatching animal for these areas will tear. We would rather have you leave a little more on than make it to thin or tear holes. Put up on Stretcher and let dry. We recommend TOP LOT STRETCHERS
  6. ( If Salting) Lay the prepared skin flat hair side down on a raised slatted surface or piece of plywood. If using plywood, place it at a slight incline to avoid puddles.
  7. Completely rub it down with salt. Use clean non iodized salt without any additives. Be sure to get in all the folds and creases! Pack the ears good and anywhere else you see potential for problems.
  8. Keep on this salt for 24-48 hrs. Time is based on species you are salting.
  9. Shake off this salt and re-salt with fresh salt, if a larger piece (24Hr) Don’t use old salt. Hang and dry.
  10. Fold skins and ship.

These are methods we use but should not be considered the only way or guaranteed methods. Please call us at (715) 939-1255 if you have any questions.

Shipping Instructions

To ensure your products are received by us and efficiently entered into our system, please follow these simple instructions:

    Please read and sign conditions of acceptance( found on bottom of shipping forms). Furs will not be taken in without this.

  • Fill out our order form available in a downloadable PDF or Word file. Make sure you have gone through it thoroughly and everything is filled out and signed. Keep a copy for your records. As a courtesy, we will contact you once we receive your package and go over your packing list with you. AT that time, we will require a 50% down payment on all items.
  • If sending more than one box, place copy of order form in each box please, mark 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.
  • We would like to hear from you prior to your sending anything off to us if you can, but will contact you regardless.

We do have pickup service available!! Check for postings on what conventions we will be attending. Call for details at (715) 959-1255.