Great Northern’s fur dressing is second to none. We offer fur dressing services for manufacturers, fur dealers, brokers, wholesalers, and trappers alike. We are a fur dressing company committed to supplying all of those in the industry with a premiere product that is both beautiful and usable.

Wholesale clients & Manufacturers

Our dressing is formulated for the garment industry. You will find that the leather is very easy to work with, having great stretch and buttery softness. Each fur is finished by combing and glazing before it is boxed up ensuring you get a quality fur. Our bulk pricing is very competitive!! If you are looking to get items dressed in bulk, please contact us so we can discuss your needs. We travel to many of the country auctions and conventions in the lower 48 as well as auctions in Canada, both Toronto (NAFA) & North Bay (Fur Harvesters). We have our U.S Fish and Wildlife import/export licence that can be used to get all your furs to us out of Canada. We also do pick-ups at country auctions and conventions, helping to save you on shipping!!

Retail & Trappers

Our fur dressing available to our retail and trapper clients is the same beautiful garment dressing we give to all clients. Our finishing process will leave your fur both soft and usable. Whether you are looking for something to hang on the wall or perhaps make into a garment down the road, our dressing is designed to make both products beautiful.

*GNF does not take in Big Game animals for tanning. We are strictly a fur dressing company. Please contact the main office if you need assistance in finding a tannery for those items.

Please give us a call today to see how we can be of better service to you and your fur dressing needs! (715) 939-1255