Terms & Conditions

There are many variables that come into play after an animal is harvested. Some are due to the animal itself and others by improper handling. With this in mind:

Condition of Acceptance: Dress at your own risk
Due to the many factors which have a definite effect on the final results of fur dressing such as primness, general conditions of each specimen, climatic conditions, lack of facilities and a persons lack of knowledge or experience handling fur, we assume no responsibility nor guarantee the results of any specimen. We cannot be responsible for tails (broken or missing), claws, ears or condition of faces and legs. All efforts are made on our end to give you the best product possible but due to many circumstances’ we will only accept products based on these terms.

Payment Policies

  • All invoices will be paid in full prior to shipping ; 50% down is required before processing.
  • If paying by credit card there will be a 3% surcharge for using this type of payment.
  • Checks are accepted.
  • Any invoice not paid within 30 days will become the property of Great Northern Fur,LLC and will be sold at market value.

Shipping Charges/Service Charges

We are not in the business of nickel and dimming our customers so certain policies have been put in place to ensure every client is treated fairly. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to what you may or may not be charged extra for, please give us a call at (715) 939-1255.

  • There will be an $8 Package & Handling Fee charged on ALL return shipments.
  • Return Shipping is calculated at time of shipping and is to be paid by customer.
  • If you only have a few items and they are of different species, due to how we process, all items will not be done at the same time. If you would like partial shipments of completed items, please let us know.